Save Yourself

Author: Kelly Braffet
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Star Rating: 2/5
Date Read: December 21st to 24th, 2013
I felt absolutely nothing reading this book. I wanted to, but there was nothing. Just 300 pages with words on them. Oh, there was a story. Not a great one, bit of a weird one actually. But I didn’t feel ‘breathless’, ‘shaken’ or ‘moved’. Ah damn.

I read this in 2 days, found it pretty easy to fly through, but that doesn’t mean I was addicted to it. I had some time and I used it to read this. I was even able to put it down halfway through the suspenseful conclusion to watch the Carols on TV and wasn’t in a particular rush to get back to it. I didn’t care about the weak-willed characters who had very little depth. Two scared sisters and a lonely, broken older guy, both with damaged families and hurting under the weight of the past, present and future. There’s a lot going on here but I wasn’t particularly interested by it. Another one to put up on the shelf – I’m such a book hoarder!


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