Author: James Phelan
Series: The Last 13, Book 6
Publisher: Scholastic
Star Rating: 3/5
Date Read: May 18th to 19th, 2014
Read Count: 1
This may just be my last review for this series. I’ll keep reading the series but as long as it follows the same old formula and it rates the same average rating, there’s no need for more reviews – I’ll only be repeating myself.

Why keep reading then? I have a goal. To start actually finishing all the series I’ve started reading over the last few years instead of reading the first book or two and then forgetting about them, no matter if I liked them, didn’t really like it or can’t remember anything about it. Only if I truly hated will I steer clear of it. So I will be sticking with this series until the end.

So what to say about Eight, book six in the series? This time Sam ends up in Cuba, looking for a girl named Maria, the next Dreamer, to lead him to her Gear. Turns out as well as being able to base-jump off the Eiffel tower, run from bad guys, shoot a dart-gun and never get hurt, Sam can also swim very long distances. Superkid much? Major eyeroll moments do occur a lot for me in this series. Anyway, they go for a long swim and find an abandoned 500 year old ship, then swim some more while their friends are in Canada fighting bad guys. What an exhausting life!

For all my eyeroll moments though, I can’t help but kind of enjoy it. Sure, its farfetched, but hey I love adventure stories. I’m glad there’s a wait for the next one though, three in a row seems to be my limit cause I’m getting a little over it.

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