Hush, Hush

Author: Becca Fizpatrick
Series: The Hush Hush Saga, Book 1
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Star Rating: 2/5
Date Read: June 15th to 20th, 2014
Read Count: 2
If you’ve been following my reviews lately, then you would know I have made myself a goal, to start finishing all these series I’ve started and then forgotten about. Next up in my pile was Hush, Hush, which I first read in 2012. Here is my original review(I gave it 3 stars):

I’ve read a lot of negative reviews about this book, but personally I kinda liked it. I read it within around three days, the storyline just grabbed me. Paraanormal romances are a dime a dozen these days, and most aren’t very good at all, but I did enjoy this story of fallen angels. Interesting concepts of getting back into heaven by becoming guardians, or by becoming human by killing a possessed Nephilim host. Not really sure what it was in this book that hooked me, but whatever it was allowed me to overlook some annoying little details, which I won’t point out because then you’ll notice them everywhere. So I’ll leave them for now!

Back then I obviously believed in more of allowing readers to make their own decisions without being influenced by my sorry excuse for a review. These days, that doesn’t bother me so much and I just say exactly what I think in my reviews. Like, that I think Nora is one of the most ‘wishy-washy’ characters I’ve read who seems to have little sense of self-preservation as she continually wanders into dark alleys and other potentially dangerous or just flat-out dangerous situations.

The male lead, Patch, is overbearing and dominating who spares no thought for Nora and how she feels. He constantly makes her feel uncomfortable (understandable as he is trying to kill her) but other than a half-hearted attempt to change the seating arrangements in Biology, Nora constantly lets him walk all over her. And then when we do discover that he loves her, he behaves in the same way, altering her thoughts without permission and in general, being a jackass. But they’re in love so that makes it all okay? It worries me that teenagers of either sex will read books like these and think that this is what constitutes a healthy relationship. Of course, the difference here is that he was trying to kill her first, but the fact that is behaviour didn’t change is disturbing. Of course, like with that other story I used to think books like this were fine to read as long as you don’t want an Edward or a Patch, etc., but this book, particularly the start just rubbed me a little bit the wrong way. Once we got into all the angel stuff I enjoyed it a lot more, which is why my rating for this reading is wavering between 2 and 3 stars.

Also, what’s with their biology class? I have done not only high school biology but also university biology and I have never had a class where human attraction was relevant, or where a teacher would allow a student to speak so inappropriately, making another student feel so uncomfortable. Has Fitzpatrick even done Biology? I doubt it.

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  1. I want to try this one…but (how shallow am I??!) because I love the cover. 😉 Gah! I know. Bad. But, I haven’t read many angel books, and I DID enjoy Angellfall, so who knows?! X) I’m a bit worried about the wishy-wash characters though. Not fun.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

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