Becca Fizpatrick
Series: The Hush Hush Saga, Book 4
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Star Rating: 2.5/5
Date Read: June 22nd to 23rd, 2014
Read Count: 1
Rejoice! I have made it to the end. This series is over, completed, and resigned to sit on my shelves for the rest of its life because I have a problem. But that’s a story for another day. I know after the last week everyone is dying to know what I thought of how the series ended…

Hank Millar is gone, but Nora still has a big problem on her hands. The inheritance her father left her was his entire Nephilim army, who are out for blood. Fallen angel blood. They don’t want to be possessed by the fallen angels anymore. And even though Patch is a fallen angel, Nora as a newly fledged Nephilim is starting to understand them. Why should they spend Cheshvan trapped in their own bodies without their consent? But the Nephilim don’t like the idea of their leader consorting with the enemy, and they are prepared for war.


Okay back it up. Nora Grey is supposed to lead an army? Hank must not have cared about the cause at all, to leave Nora in charge. Nora who can’t keep kissing Patch for one second and realize the seriousness of the situation. Nora, who cares about herself more than the other Nephilim, who couldn’t understand the problem until she was one. I assume Hank thought she would quickly fail and die and then one of the grown ups would take charge. Speaking of which, for an immortal species there seems to be a lot of ways they can die. Or did she just mean that by immortal, they just don’t age or get sick, and heal quickly?


Nora was definitely the wrong person for the job. She didn’t even think about the damn war looming the whole time, even though it was Chesham, I.e. time for war. She did not attempt to get to know the other nephilim, just guessed they wouldn’t accept her and kept out of it. Maybe if she’d been more responsible for her new position, some of the shit that happened probably wouldn’t have happened. She was too busy being useless and making out with Patch. She had no idea how to use her new assets (Dante, Marcie, Blakely) who all could have helped her but she refused to let them.


The relationship between Nora and Patch doesn’t improve. She is still ridiculously jealous and so is he. She can’t spend time with other males and he can’t spend time with other females, even while preparing for war. They have the most stupid, pointless fights and get over it by getting hot and heavy. He is still dominating and she’s still a whiner. Nothing new there.


While not overly present in the other books, in the second half of this book there was a distinct lack of Nora’s mum, who to start with wants to know where she is, where she’s going (as parents should) and then grounds her (why wouldn’t you lock the bathroom if you’re going to make out with your boyfriend in there?), and then promptly disappears until the Epilogue. While I’m on the topic, that was the most unnecessary epilogue I’ve ever read. It only enhances the happy ever after factor (yes there was a big old HEA, so if you enjoyed the series you will be happy) and all we get from it is after all is said and done, Nora has forgotten about Vee more or less. You are a great best friend. Girls, do not forget about your best friends just because you’re so in love. You need your friends and you always will, no matter how perfect you think your relationship is.


I have enjoyed the Nephilim and angel elements, although overall I couldn’t get past the poor quality of the characters. If the books had focussed more on the war between the Nephilim and the fallen angels, chances are I would have enjoyed it a lot more. Easy to read when you don’t want to throw your book across the room because the characters are idioms and fast paced when it really gets moving, this series could have been so much better. It’s a shame.


And why the hell are there so many fallen angels in Maine? Why Maine of all places? What is even in Maine that would attract so many??


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