The 100

The 100

Author: Kass Morgan
Series: The Hundred, Book 1
Publisher: Little, Brown and Co
Star Rating: 3/5
Date Read: August 14th to 19th, 2014
Read Count: 1
Thank you to NetGalley for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.

I didn’t love this book. I didn’t hate this book. I didn’t really feel much for this book. Mild interest, yes, or else I may not have finished it. It’s a good premise, wasn’t particularly badly written, but I just couldn’t get involved or invested in the story.

The story is this: Earth has been deemed unfit for the human race to live on due to radiation poisoning, so for the last three hundred years people have lived aboard ships outside the Earth’s atmosphere. But the time has come for a return to Earth. So the Chancellor sends 100 young delinquents down on a dropship as guinea pigs, to see what happens, basically. We follow Clarke, the daughter of two scientists, Wells, the boy who deliberately breaks the law so he can be with her, Bellamy, who jumps onto the ship at the last second to follow his sister, and Glass, who escaped before they left. They all have their secrets.

I didn’t connect with any of the characters and I was disappointed with the lack of background, not of the characters because we got plenty of that, but of what happened to Earth and how people ended up on the ship, and I wanted more information. I felt that their arrival on Earth, although a crash-land, was a bit too easy. Only Bellamy shows an interest in learning how to hunt, yet even when he doesn’t there’s no mention of the food shortages mentioned in the beginning. They’re near a stream, why don’t they try fishing? For essentially a survival novel, I felt there wasn’t enough emphasis on the survival aspect. There was too much on the budding and existing and broken romances of the four main characters, more than necessary.

I appreciate that what we got of their histories must be setting us up for understanding the four main characters and to allow smooth sailing into the following book, now the introductions are out of the way. So I will I follow this series into the next book?

It’s likely. I am intrigued. The premise has interested me. And let’s face it, I’ve read worse. I don’t hate this book, I figure I may as well see what happens. Now that the introductions are out of the way, the story may pick up and things may start to happen and it could possibly get exciting. I hate the idea of potentially missing out!


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