An Evening With Laini Taylor + SIGNED POSTER GIVEAWAY

Unless you’ve been living under a non-book related rock, you would know that LAINI TAYLOR (author of Daughter of Smoke and Bone and subsequent books) is in town! It’s rare that us Aussies get to meet an American author, so despite the fact that I had not yet read the series that everyone raves about I headed down to Library at the Dock last night to hear her talk and to see what it was all about, thanks to Hachette and The Little Bookroom.


Of course I bought the first two books in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy and picked up a cute Little Bookroom bookmark. My friend and I walked in right on 6.30 so we sat right up the back and when I tried to take photos the light was not kind to my phone, so no photos of Laini talking, unfortunately!Β She was so great to listen to though. She spoke about her writing process and how, before she started writing DOSAB, she actually had in the works a science fiction novel set on another planet where the military was kidnapping ballerinas! She did confirm that this book will never see the light of day – too bad, I reckon! Laini keeps inspiration journals as writing prompts and she said the start of the book always takes forever to write, while the end goes quite quickly. She still goes over her deadline though, and needs to take herself to a hotel just to be able to get the writing done. Laini also spoke about how her characters came to be and how the story developed, luckily without giving away spoilers! I am really looking forward to reading these books and I know I’m going to regret not buying book three right there and then!

20140904_083807 20140904_083818

When it came to the signing, we were at the back of the line (I always end up there!) so we had a quick chat with Laini about how she had enjoyed her whirlwind trip down under. She said she’s definitely planning on coming back which is always great to hear! I got a photo, too:


Everyone’s favourite word, right? Well thanks to the great people at the event last night, I have one signed ‘An Evening With Laini Taylor’ poster to give away! Open to Australian residents only.

20140904_084222 20140904_084228

Follow this link to the giveaway!



  1. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!! I was eyeing off this poster at the event – I love the colours. And does it help my chances if I tell you that was signed with my sharpie? LOL.
    Great recap too! And I love the pic!!!
    And as per your giveaway instructions, I am supposed to tell you why I love Laini’s books? Well, that would be a loooooong post. Let’s just say that I ADORE them πŸ™‚

  2. I got to meet her at the Hachette blogger night on Monday. It was so exciting because I absolutely love her books. I loved the story of how DoSaB came about. She was so inspiring and amazing. Glad you got to meet her πŸ™‚

  3. YAY, you got to meet her too πŸ˜€ Isn’t she just absolutely amazing and so, so sweet? I just started her series as well, while on the train to the blogger night haha. The first few chapters were already amazing! I’ve been meaning to pick up the books and read it, and now I have the excuse to finally join the bandwagon. I hope you enjoy the books Brit xx

  4. Though I haven’t yet read the second in the series, I absolutely adored Daughter of Smoke and Bones! It was definitely one of my favourite reads of 2013 — there was something about the way Laini Taylor took a really old idea, and twisted it into something new and fresh that I just loved so much. And of course her prose and characters were spectacular. πŸ™‚

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