Announcing A Winner, Being The Mockingjay + Bookish Updates!

It’s been a bit of a slow week on the blog this week, as there’s been assignments that have needed writing and parties that needed attending, but I’ve still got a little to share! I’ve only posted one review this week, something very different to what you would normally find, and that was for Dark Remedy, a prescribed text for one of my classes detailing the impact thalidomide has had on society. I’ve wrapped it all up there in my post if you’re interested!

I also announced the winner of my Laini Taylor signed poster giveaway – Michelle of @LovelyGirlReads! Your new poster will be on it’s way to you as soon as I finish writing my last assignment for the week!

Wednesday night my university’s Science Students Society had their annual ball with the theme of ‘Once Upon A Time’ and instead of doing what everyone else did and go as a Disney princess, I did something a little different – I went as Katniss! Not normally a brunette (I wore a wig!) I quite enjoyed being the Mockingjay for the night and was a bit proud of representing one of my favourite female characters in literature! (I also had a bow and arrow to go with it as well as some wicked combat boots)


Speaking of the Mockingjay, has everyone seen the trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1 yet? I AM SO EXCITED. If you haven’t seen it, you’re going to want to watch it now because it’s fantastic but maybe forget the part where we still have two months of torturous waiting!

This week I’ve read Sacrifice and Belzhar, neither are out yet so I am withholding my reviews until closer to the date! But you will see my review of Sandy Feet up next week so look out for that. At the moment I am reading Reluctantly Charmed and enjoying it so far!

untitled (4)Belzhar2.294x448Sandy Feetreluctantly-charmed-9781922052773_lg

I also broke my book buying ban – whoops – to purchase books 9 – 12 in the Pretty Little Liars series and also Looking for Alaska from The Book Depository – because I can? I shouldn’t have though, because I already had six books on their way to me from Better World Books as of last week. But back on the book buying ban, because its necessary!

So that’s what I’ve been up to this week. It’s been a bit quiet, but keep an eye out for more reviews coming in the next two weeks!



  1. Hey, you look great! Going as Katniss was a fantastic idea. The trailer is so amazing, can’t wait for the actual movie to come out!
    I broke my book ban last week. I went to a secondhand book fest and all the books were $1 so I put it on ‘pause’ for the day. I’m trying to be good and keep my ban until November, we’ll see. Good luck sticking to yours.

    • Thanks! I was a bit unsure of how I looked like with brown hair haha I’d never done that before. The movie is going to be so great, I can’t wait either!
      I think secondhand book fests are worth breaking the book ban, they are always so much fun too! Hope you picked up some good finds. I’m not sure how long my ban will last but I’m hoping at least a month!

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