Caroline Kepnes
Simon & Schuster
Published 1st October 2014

Thank you to Simon & Schuster AU for providing
this book in exchange for an honest review.
This did not influence my review in any way.

Do you like a creepy read? Don’t mind staying up all night with the lights on? Don’t get too squeamish? Or like to read books that make you uncomfortable? This one just might be for you.

You is written in second person, which is such an awesome and different way to read. It’s unsettling cause it will make you feel like you’re being directly addressed, but get used to it. This book goes way past unsettling and clears disturbing by a country mile. Joe works in a bookshop and the day Guinevere Beck walks in to buy a book for a friend, he immediately becomes hooked. Obsessed. They exchange a few words, flirt a little, and that’s all Joe needs. Before long, he’s tracked her down. He knows where she lives, what she’s studying, where she goes. He can see their future together and when they begin a friendship and later a relationship off another ‘chance’ encounter, she has no idea what she’s in for. But neither does he…

When I read thrillers, I normally read them either from the perspective of the police/FBI/whoever that are tracking the criminals or I read them from maybe a victim or a dual perspective. I have never read them from the perspective of the bad dude and this is truly what a spine tingling, bone chilling thriller is. As readers, we know exactly what’s being done (the obsessive stalking) and how (stealing her phone, tracking her email, breaking into her apartment, watching her) and also the fact that he has no conception that what he’s doing is wrong. All he can see is how perfect and wonderful and amazing she is, even when she isn’t, how her on again, off again boyfriend is standing in the way of their love and so is her overprotective best friend. And of course, how completely and utterly in love with her he is and once they are together, all will be right in the world. Even as dark things start to happen to the people around her, Beck has no idea that Joe is involved.

But Beck’s not all she appears to be either, and the two of them find themselves spiralling further and further into an obsessive relationship, and you just know there’s only one way it can end and it won’t be pretty…

Despite the thrilling factor, I got kind of bored in the middle. I don’t really know why, it felt like the story went a bit stagnant and I was waiting for something more exciting to happen. It felt dragged out and I was waiting for a bigger twist, I wanted to be shocked. But the inevitable inevitably happened, although I did realise Joe’s not exactly a reliable narrator so I started to look at it all a bit differently. But overall this becomes only a three star read for me.

Definitely not for the faint of heart! A thrilling read that will keep you up at night.


Overall rating? 3 stars


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