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What is Tin Lily?

I hear you ask. You must have missed my review of this beautiful book that I read thanks to Cranky Owl Books and Netgalley. But don’t worry! Because thanks to Cranky Owl Books I bring to you a GIVEAWAY so you can see for yourself why I loved this book. And better yet this giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY!

Goodreads synopsis

Just because you survive doesn’t mean you’re alive. One moment fifteen-year-old Lily Berkenshire is sitting in her bedroom, favorite song blaring through her earbuds, history book open on her lap. The next, her alcoholic father is shooting and killing her mother. Then he’s pointing the gun at Lily and pulling the trigger. Click. He’s out of bullets. For now. When she moves to Seattle to live with her aunt, Lily retreats into peaceful, dissociative trances to escape the shattered nightmare that is her life. Soon, though, she discovers a beautiful boy who wants to take her out, a therapist who wants to help her heal and new friends who believe she can find wholeness again. But her father wants something else entirely. He is hunting her and unless Lily confronts and heals the devastation inside her, she’ll forfeit her life to a father determined to end it. From the first shot to the final, terrifying showdown, Tin Lily is an edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller.

My thoughts (the short version)

Check out that beautiful new cover! Tin Lily has just recently got a new cover which I love, which happily has coincided with this giveaway. Since I first read Tin Lily a couple of weeks ago, Lily’s story has stayed with me. I immediately bought myself a copy from Amazon and though I haven’t read it again, I know I will. The content is dark and the story is tragic, but that should not deter you. Lily is a beautifully crafted character who doesn’t turn to rage but instead, amazingly, she tries to comprehend how her father turned from Dad to Hank, two separate identities to her. I loved the idea of Lily’s tethers – things or people that keep her in the present instead of disappearing into her own mind. She’s not sure what’s real and what’s not sometimes, and neither are we. This book can be confronting at times, that’s for sure, but I think it tells a powerful story about the choices we make in our own lives and where blame lies, as well as mental health and its effects on different people.

the giveaway

Follow the link to the Rafflecopter giveaway! GOOD LUCK!



  1. There are some great gems out there in the world of independently published books. I especially love the ‘Foreverland’ series by Tony Bertauski, Ginger Scott’s contemporary novels are fantastic, and the Flora series by Jessica Brooks is amazing! Fantastic review Britt 🙂

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