I Was Nominated For A Liebster Award!

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So I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award thanks to Bernadette at The Bumbling Bookworm, whose blog I adore and strongly recommend you check out 🙂 I was nominated quite a while ago and have been so slack – I have a bit of a backlog of these things I need to get through! I have also been nominated before but I can’t remember who by, I am so sorry!

The idea of the Liebster Award is the support and promotion of small blogs, as well as to find new blogs. The rules are as follows:

  1. Link & Thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. Answer the 11 questions your nominator gives you
  3. Tag 11 other bloggers who have 200 or less followers
  4. Ask the 11 bloggers you nominated 11 questions and let them know you nominated them!

Here it goes!

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Their Lips Talk Of Mischief

I should work in a bookstore.

Alan Warner
Faber/Allen & Unwin
Published October 2014
Thank you to the publisher for
providing this book for an honest
review. This did not influence my 
review in any way.

I’m just going to state this straight up, no flowery sentences or beating around the bush: I really disliked these characters! Llewellyn and Cunningham, they’re only 21, but both are stuck up and pretentious, believing the world owes them everything though they have made no contribution to it whatsoever. They both live on government welfare, some of it ill begotten, along with Llewellyn’s young wife Aiofe and baby daughter Lily, the former who Cunningham is increasingly attracted to. They wax on and on about how they’re going to write the greatest novel of their time, yet all they do is drink beer or spirits or whatever they can find and talk about the great novels they’re going to write. They don’t work, they don’t help themselves. They are very easy to dislike.

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Half the World in Winter

I really need to paint that bookshelf don’t I?

Maggie Joel
Allen & Unwin
Published October 2014
Thank you to the publisher for
providing this book for an honest
review. This did not influence my 
review in any way.

It is 1880s London, and the Jarmyn family are coming out of deep mourning for the youngest member of their household, nine-year-old Sofia, after a terrible accident. Each member of the family is struggling – head of the family Lucas, his wife Aurora, eldest son Bill at Oxford, newly eighteen year old Dinah, younger sons Gus and Jack who were left out of it all – and it seems only their housekeeper Mrs. Logan is able to keep them all together. Six months later, another nine-year-old girl has died and it’s on the railway that Lucas owns. Her father Thomas travels to London for explanation and justice and the future of the two families collides.

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The Prophecy of Bees

R.S Pateman
Published 25th November 21014
Thank you to the publisher for
providing this book via Netgalley for 
an honest review. This did not influence
my review in any way.

CREEPY ALERT. This was a fun read. I like to be creeped out. I like to be kept guessing and wondering, even if I end up second guessing everything I thought about the book in the end and then to have it all turned around. Then, listen for it, that shout of “I KNEW IT!” This is why you shouldn’t watch movies with me. If I’m like this when I read, just imagine what I’m like when I’m with other people (clue: can never shut up).

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Underneath my favourite reading tree!

Amy Tintera
Reboot Duology, #2
Allen and Unwin
Published 1st June 2014
Bought from Megalong Books, 
Leura, NSW

The exciting conclusion to the Reboot duology, Rebel doesn’t disappoint. We meet up with Callum and Wren moments after Reboot finished, standing in front of the entrance to the Reboot Reservation. They have escaped HARC and Wren particularly just wants to lay low for a while. She’s had enough of the hunting, the fighting, the killing. She couldn’t give a damn about what everyone else is doing, she just doesn’t want to be a part of any of it anymore. But when its revealed that the leader of the Reservation has a plan to take down all of the humans, Callum wants to stop him and protect the people. Wren wants to get out. The two are going to be at odds with each other while also struggling to work out what’s wrong and what’s right, in the middle of a war.

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Double Review: The Cinderella Moment & The Rapunzel Dilemma

I read one outside on the grass, the other curled up in bed!

Jennifer Kloester
Penguin Teen AUS
Published 24th July 2013/27th August 2014
Bought from Dymocks/Received from Netgalley

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for 
providing a galley of The Rapunzel Dilemma in 
exchange for an honest review.


Same author

Same characters

Different perspectives

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A Sudden Light

On the red vinyl chairs of the university library where I wrote my review

Garth Stein
Simon & Schuster AU
Published October 2014
Thank you to the publisher for
providing this book for an honest
review. This did not influence my 
review in any way.

A Sudden Light is a story about love, loss, regret and a ghost that spans over generations of the Riddell family. The Riddell House, where fourteen-year-old Trevor’s grandfather and aunt live – who he has never met before the summer of 1990 – has been in the family since the early 1900s when it was built by Trevor’s great-great-grandfather and is full of mystery, deception and family secrets. Feeling the weight of his parents’ ‘trial separation’ after they become bankrupt, Trevor sets out to put the story together and uncover the hidden truths of his family. As he does, he realises that they are not alone in Riddell House.

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