The Prophecy of Bees

R.S Pateman
Published 25th November 21014
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providing this book via Netgalley for 
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CREEPY ALERT. This was a fun read. I like to be creeped out. I like to be kept guessing and wondering, even if I end up second guessing everything I thought about the book in the end and then to have it all turned around. Then, listen for it, that shout of “I KNEW IT!” This is why you shouldn’t watch movies with me. If I’m like this when I read, just imagine what I’m like when I’m with other people (clue: can never shut up).

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Lessons I Never Learned At Meadowbrook Academy

I was very pleased I managed to get my tablet to rotate (normally goes the other way)

Liz Maccie
Diversion Books
Published 4th November 2014

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This did not influence my review in
any way.

I’ve never seen Stephen Chbosky blurb anything. Maybe he has and I just haven’t come across them. But when I saw his recommendation for Lessons I was encouraged by it and decided to request it on Netgalley. What I learned from this is just because I adore Stephen Chbosky’s book, that doesn’t mean we’re going to have the same reading tastes. I don’t know what else he likes to read, but we definitely don’t agree on this one.

Due to a series of misdemeanours and the influence of a bad friend at her local high school, Roberta Romano’s parents have pooled their resources to send their daughter to the elite Meadowbrook Academy where they hope she will get her act together. She does not want to go. Over the course of her first day, where she is surrounded by the kids of the wealthy, Roberta must handle her own insecurities about fitting in. Along the way she makes friends with Annie and Mervin, who each have their own problems. The whole story takes place over that first day.

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These photos just never turn out as good as paperback ones

Julie Kagawa
Harlequin Teen Australia
Published 1st November 2014

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Fantasy meets the contemporary world in Julie Kagawa’s latest series, Talon, telling the story of the dragons who live in secret among us, having Shifted into human forms. Ember and Dante Hill are rare brother and sister hatchlings who have finished their training at Talon, the organisation that keeps tabs on dragons and what they do, and are learning to assimilate into human society – a Californian beach town where they learn to make friends, surf and live as ordinary teenagers. But there is trouble brewing (isn’t there always), with the posting of soldiers of the Order of St. George, the only humans who know of the dragons’ existence, right nearby. As their training continues, Ember is faced with difficult questions about who she is and the organisation she is a part of, aided by Riley, a dragon gone rogue trying to convince her to do the same. But going rogue is dangerous and she could jeopardise everything – including her developing relationship with a human boy who has secrets of his own.

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Tin Lily

Joann Swanson
Cranky Owl Books via Netgalley
Published 14th July 2014
 Thank you to Cranky Owl Books and Netgalley
 for providing me with this book in exchange for 
an honest review. This did not influence
 my review in any way.

I’m crying on the train again and this time its because of a book I’ve never heard of by an author who hasn’t written anything else yet, from a publisher I didn’t even know existed. What I do know is that I can feel this book right there in my chest and today, as soon as I access the Uni Wireless I will be tracking down this book in paperback and paying the ridiculous shipping costs to Australia.

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