Sandy Feet

Nikki Buick
University of Queensland Press
Published 24th September 2014
 Thank you to University of Queensland Press
 for providing me with this book in exchange for 
an honest review. This did not influence
 my review in any way.

Hunter James is on the roadtrip from hell. His mother has dragged him out of his school in Brisbane, away from his friends, his Xbox and Facebook, up the Queensland coast with his ten-year-old sister who has Down syndrome, his new stepfather ‘Step’ and the new baby. Still dealing with the fall out of his parents’ divorce and emotionally recovering from an accident that changed his family, Hunter could not think of anything worse. His mum likes to pretend they’re such a happy family but Hunter knows better. After a while he realises it’s not all bad – he parties with backpackers on the beach, gets up close with some wild animals and meets a girl who might actually understand him – but eventually he will have to face the reality of why his mum decided to undertake this journey in the first place.

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