This Shattered World

Enjoying an Aussie author over an Aussie breakfast

Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
The Starbound Trilogy #2
Allen & Unwin
Published 19th November 2014
Bought from Dymocks Melbourne (who 
also got my copy signed for me when
I couldn't get to the signing, thank you!)

This Shattered World is everything I wanted These Broken Stars to be – and more. In the places that These Broken Stars didn’t deliver enough for me, This Shattered World far exceeded any expectations. One of those super big positives was that This Shattered World is not about Lilac and Tarver, though I was curious to know what had happened to them, I couldn’t deal with Lilac’s voice again. In This Shattered World we are on the planet Avon where we meet Captain Jubilee Chase, an absolute badass soldier leading her men to maintain the peace on Avon, which is far behind the other planets in terraforming and is also home to The Fury, which sends people crazy. When she crosses paths with Flynn Cormac, the leader of the peaceful rebellion known as the Fianna, he kidnaps her to find out about a secret facility that seems to have appeared overnight. Neither of them could have known what this would lead to, but it is just the beginning of a sequence of events that’s about to change the world they live on.

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A Thousand Pieces of You

Love this cover but…is my photo crooked?

Claudia Gray
Firebird, #1
Harper Collins
Published 7th November 2014

Thank you to the publisher for providing 
this book in exchange for an honest review. 
This did not alter my review in
any way.

A Thousand Pieces of You took me longer to read than expected, but it’s not the book’s fault – in a mad dash for a train the book and I were separated and it landed ungracefully in the carpark. Luckily my boyfriend, who had dropped me off, was able to go back and rescue it, but as a result the book and I were separated for a few days. Though I was a bit iffy about it I was glad to be reunited.

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Author: Leonardo Patrignani
Series: Multiversum, #1
Publisher: Scribe
Star Rating: 3.5/5
Date Read: July 7th to 9th, 2014
Read Count: 1
Thank you to Goodreads and the publishers for sending me this book in exchange for honest review. This did not alter my review in any way.

Multiversum is the exciting, fast-paced story of teenagers Alex and Jenny, who live on opposite sides of the world and share a telepathic communication which has grown stronger over time. But when, after four years, they finally manage to arrange a meeting, they find that they exist in different dimensions, parallel universes. As Earth’s end looms closer and all existences threaten to cease, the two of them need to work out how to control their gifts and save themselves. When it seems like everything and everyone is working against them, except for Alex’s brilliant friend Marco, they have only each other – and the future of Earth is at stake.

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